ADEKA ULTRA SEAL ® is an innovative "Double-Locking" hydrophillic rubber waterstop. Adeka stops water by compression of the rubber and by hydrophillic expansion pressure when the seal is exposed to water. Adeka has been a leading hydrophillic rubber waterstop since 1977.

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Typical Applications of Adeka Ultra Seal

  • Below Grade Joints
  • Piping Penetrations
  • Pre-Case Segments
  • Isolation Joints
  • Expansion Joints
  • Utility Vaults
  • Manholes
  • Sheet Pile Interlocks
  • Tunnel Segments
  • H. Piles
  • Crack Repair
  • WWTP
  • WTP
  • Water Tanks
  • Cooling Towers
  • Dams
  • Reservoirs
  • Containment Areas
  • and much more

Adeka MC2010MN


Hydrophilic rubber strip waterstop with embedded stainless steel mesh to restrict expansion in length and width dimensions. Replaces conventional PVC in non-moving joints. Will withstand 150 foot hydrostatic head pressure. NSF certified for potable water. Size, 20mm X 10mm approximately ¾” X 3/8”. Packaged 82 feet per case.


Same product as MC-2010MN with one exception, MC-2010MN-N does not have NSF approval.

Adeka MC2005T_100


Hydrophilic rubber strip waterstop with adhesive back. Typical used for sealing piping penetrations, H-beams, and concrete joints. Size, 20mm X 5 mm. approximately ¾” X ¼”. Packaged 330 feet per case or 66 feet per box.

Adeka KM3030M


Hydrophilic rubber strip waterstop with embedded stainless steel mesh to restrict expansion in length and width dimensions. Typically used in expansion joints where movement does not exceed ½”. Also used in applications where high hydrostatic head resistance is needed, like dams. Size, 30mm X 30mm approximately 1 3/16” X 1 3/16”. Packaged 33 feet per box.



Hydrophilic rubber string. Used to waterproof sheet pile, cracks, and CIPP pipe. Capable of stopping active leaks. String size should be 1.2 times the joint width. When stretched the string diameter can be reduced about 40%. This enables it to get instant compression when inserted and release in the joint. Size 4mm approximately 3/16” and 6mm approximately ¼”. Packaged 165 feet per box.

Adeka KBA 1510FP


Compressible hydrophilic sponge rubber waterstop. Lower expansion pressure allows the product to be used with as little as 1” of good quality concrete coverage. Commonly used in containment curbs and between precast segments. Will withstand 25 feet of hydrostatic head pressure. Size, 15mm X 10mm approximately 5/8” X 3/8”. Packaged 82 feet in a box.

Adeka P201


A hydrophilic, single component, elastic sealant that has putty-like consistency. P-201 is the most versatile product in the Adeka product line. Commonly used in piping penetrations, sheet pile, precast segment, crack repair, CIPP pipe, cold/construction joints etc. P-201 is recommended for use with other Adeka strip products when the work surface is rough, spalled, cracked, or at connections. Once cured P-201 shows the same performance as pre-formed Adeka products. Packaged (24) - 11 once cartridges per case, (6) - 11 once cartridges per box, and a 3.17 gallon pail.

Adeka A30


Two component hydrophilic liquid waterstop. Commonly used for sealing steel, plastic, and composite sheet pile. Specialty applications include dams or when a custom waterstop shape and size is required. Packaged as a kit, A-30 resin 14.28 liters or 3.77 gallons. A-30 hardener .92 liters or .97 quarts.

Adeka Ultra C Ring


The Ultra C Ring is a clip on hydrophillic waterstop attachment for the form tie. The Ultra C Ring expands when it comes in contact with dampness and therefore seals off water entirely. The innovative feature of the Ultra C Ring is the fact that it can be clipped on after the form tie is completely installed or used to repair a problem.

Adeka Contact Information

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